It’s Monday morning and if you are feeling cranky I guarantee that browsing the We Are Comics tumblr will make you feel better. As reported by Steve Morris over the weekend, this is a Tumblr run by Rachel Edidin, Arturo Garcia, Elle Collins, and Sigrid Ellis, with social media help by Jen Vaughn, where people simply tell their stories about reading comics. All kinds of people, all ages, colors, genders…because comics ARE for everybody. I loved scrolling through and reading readers origin stories…they are so varied and enthusiastic and feel of love for imagination and creativity. It’s inspiring!

The above photo is from the entry by Christina “Steenz” Stewart, who is assistant Manager at Star Clipper, a comics shop in St Louis. She’s not a special case; she’s TYPICAL of the kinds of people who have come to the medium. And I think most people in the business get that now.

So, it turned out okay after all! Go out and be awesome.


  1. YAY!! Comics are more awesome when we know how cool everyone is! I’m totally for anything that makes people more aware of how diverse the community is. I take a lot of art classes and I know a lot of women who are really into comics. It’s weird to me to even think of comics as a male driven pursuit anymore.

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