Here’s a new movie about cartoonists and comic book making: Comic Book Artists: The Next Generation, which spotlights creators Raid Studios in Toronto, including Ramon Perez, Francis Manapul, Kalman Andrasofsky and Marcus Antony To. Some promising up and comers named Stan Lee and Jim Lee also appear—I believe they are unrelated. It’s a nice look at the artist’s studio and the collegial spirit that evolves from it.

You can watch for free at AT&T’s Uverse Buzz site. It’s produced by Boom!’s Stephen Christy, FJ DeSanto and Bradley Cramp and directed by Chris Kasick. On his FB page, DeSanto wrote:

After months of hard work, here’s our documentary, COMIC BOOK ARTISTS: NEXT GENERATION, which premiers today on AT&T Uverse Buzz. I produced it with Bradley Cramp and Stephen Christy and is directed by the supremely talented Chris Kasick . Brad’s amazing team at Digital Kitchen brought this all to life (especially Leslie, Paul and of course Nik) and we are so lucky to have such a high quality show.

Showcasing the talented creators from The Raid Studio, the doc takes you through the trails and tribulations of being a modern day comic book creator. Besides the awesome Raid guys, Marcus Anthony To, Ramón K Pérez, Kalman Andrasofszky, and Francis Manapul, the energetic duo Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly make a cameo. To share their perspective on the history of the industry and how it has evolved over the years, we were fortunate Stan Lee, Jim Lee, and Filip Sablik appear as well. If you love super heroes like Batman and Spider-Man or just comics in general, you’ll appreciate this unique look into this world.

And here are some screen shots:



  1. Finally…somebody got it right. its not Project Runway for comics, it’s more Miami Ink or in this case Toronto Ink. now if only they expand beyond superheroes and it’s related spheres of comics. even though they mention other comics they always come back to superheroes.

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