Almost a year its existence was all-but-confirmed, Warner Bros Montreal revealed Gotham Knights, its video game inspired by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman: Court of Owls storyline, during the DC FanDome event.

Warner Bros Montreal Batman Court of Owls

Warner Bros Montreal’s previous title, Batman: Arkham Origins, was a prequel to Rockstar Game’s Arkham trilogy. Gotham Knights, however, takes place after the events of the final part in the trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight. You can watch the trailer for Gotham Knights below but heads up: it spoils the end of Arkham Knight.

The game allows you to play as several of Batman’s sidekicks and allies, who have to defend a Gotham that lost its protector and investigate the rise of the Court of Owls and other Gotham mysteries.

The game looks very visually impressive, clearly taking advantage of the next-gen hardware the game will run on, certainly the best looking Batman game to date. Warner Bros Montreal shared several minutes of gameplay from the Batman follow-up that gives an idea of what you’ll experience as the player.

Gotham Knights is scheduled to release in 2021.