Young Justice: Phantoms, the fourth season of the beloved animated series, premiered on HBO Max last October. Since the explosive midseason finale, fans have been chomping at the bits for new episodes to return. Good things come to those who wait as HBO Max has announced that Young Justice: Phantoms will return with new episodes in less than three weeks on March 31st. As revealed by Twitter, Arc 4 will focus on Kaldur’ahm, who took over the mantle of Aquaman.

It’s a safe bet that things are brewing for Atlantis. The latest season of YJ delved further into Vandal Savage’s history revealing him as the grandfather of Arion, the first ruler of Atlantis. Moreover, Savage’s role in the sinking of Atlantis and the creation of the Homo mermanus was also unveiled. 

In addition, a teaser poster for the upcoming arc seemed to hint at the return of Oceanmaster, the half-brother of Arthur Curry, who was not only ousted by the Light but brutally decapitated by Lady Shiva last season. It’s very possible that Oceanmaster will simply be featured in flashback scenes. Of Course this being superheroes, it wouldn’t be the first time a character has returned from the dead. Besides Kaldur’ahm, fans can also look forward to the return of Wyynde and La’gaan a.k.a. Lagoon Boy. Last season, Kaldur and Wyynde began a romantic relationship and even shared an onscreen kiss.

Check out a mid-season trailer released a few weeks ago.

Based on characters from DC, Young Justice: Phantoms is produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Greg Weisman, Brandon Vietti and Sam Register serve as executive producers.


  1. I don’t know if I ever said this on this blog before (I know I’ve certainly said it on mine – PPGuru): but HBO Max should develop a seperate series just on DC Showcase shorts alone. Think of the endless possibilities: Hawk & Dove, Atom & Hawkman, The Creeper, Challengers of the Unknown, Scooter, and B’Wanna Beast (who was supposed to have a series of shorts of his own back in the 1960’s if the Metamorpho series with Aquaman ever saw the light of day) all deserve their day in the sun or at least one episode to call their own.



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