As if we didn’t have enough games to get excited over this year, now we can add one more over the top action title to that list. Also, how much is too much for DLC? With May 4th quickly approaching, Star Wars is dropping prices of its old games on new multiple platforms. Indie gaming fans can enjoy a new documentary chronicling its punk rock like rise. Let’s Go!


Game developer Avalanche Studios previously announced in December that their comic book game was 100% canceled. It was rumored to have been a Superman game, but we may never actually know what it was. As the old saying goes, ‘the show must go on” and today the developer dropped an action packed trailer on the PlayStation blog for their new game Just Cause 3 published by Square Enix. The trailer also announced the game would have a “holiday 2015” release date.

Our Thought:

Look at it! He’s skydiving onto another plane! He took out a parking garage with the jet. No clue what the hell it’s about, but I know I want to play it now. With E3 around the corner we’re sure to find out more information about the game. Since the trailer debuted on a PlayStation operated news source, it’s pretty safe to say the platform is going to get some exclusive features. It’s also hard to say what the exact release date would be since the Star Wars and Call of Duty games are taking the November window. Unless it lands the week between the two games, an early December release is likely.

The studio behind Just Cause is also simultaneously developing the open world Mad Max game that was announced in 2013 and promoted with some sweet Shane Davis art. Sadly the piece didn’t make it onto the final box art :(



We had Star Wars Celebration in April, now May the 4th be with you is coming. To celebrate, a ton of LucasArts Star Wars games are on sale on digital platforms such as Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam. For the first time on PlayStation classic Star Wars games come to PSN for PS3: Star Wars StarfighterStar Wars Bounty HunterStar Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and Star Wars: Racer Revenge.


As if that weren’t enough, PlayStation owners can download free themes for their PS3/PS4. Also if you follow @heyplaystation on twitter you have a chance to win one of those fancy Storm Trooper PS4 boxes along with a few other things from Star Wars Celebration.


Our thought: 

There’s a generation of gamers who became Star Wars fans without getting to enjoy some of these classic games. Opportunities to rectify that don’t come this cheap. I’ll also say that I’m probably one of the few people I know who actually liked Racer Revenge.


Even more details are surfacing about Batman:Arkham Knight. This time WB Interactive and Rocksteady announced via twitter that a season pass option for the game would be available for $40. The pass will offer up new content for six months after the game’s release in June, meaning through the end of the year. What is the content you ask? A press release from Warner Bros. reveals that new Batmobile skins, “advanced” challenge maps, alternate character skins, story missions, new villains,  and additional drivable race tracks are also included with the Arkham Knight Season Pass.

A special Arkham Knight Premium Edition will also be available that comes with the game and DLC pass. This special edition will only be available digitally through PSN, Xbox, and PC digital.



Our thought:

While I’ve never been disappointed with Rocksteady’s Arkham games out of the box, their subsequent DLC such as Harley’s Revenge and Catwoman left a little to be desired. Those story bits felt like unnecessary dead stops to the narrative. $40 isn’t the most expensive season pass option in gaming but that brings up the cost of the game to $100, just to get the complete experience. That bill is even more depending on what edition of the game you’re buying. While I understand the need to save spoilers from the main story by not giving more details about the content, it’s a price tag that warrants more information for consumers.


A recently released documentary chronicling the groundswell of independent game makers is getting a lot of talk around the Internet. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies shows the struggles of creating a game without the backing or confinement of big corporate publishers. There’s tons of in-depth interviews with popular game creators and the icons that founded id Software. The documentary even touches a bit on the #gamergate controversy that surrounds Zoe Quinn. The film is available digitally on its website and on PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, and iTunes.

Our thought:

It’s a great snapshot of the indie gaming scene. Anyone whose habitually stuck to the big triple A games may find themselves looking through a giant catalogue of small games to find their next enjoyable video game experience.


So what about you, how much is too much for DLC? Would you have liked another Superman game? What were some of your favorite Star Wars games?