A common comment often heard around the con floor is “Why doesn’t Marvel Studios do more to promote the COMICS with all those movies?” Some would think that seeing the Avengers on every product and website and TV show known to humankind would be a lot of promotion, but let’s take that complaint for what it is. It seems Marvel IS trying to get some digital comics into the handheld devices of people who are seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron. This isn’t a new promotion (I think they did it with Guardians of the Galaxy, too) but when you buy tickets to see AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON on Fandango, you get an offer to download some free digital comics. They are

Avengers Origins: Quicksilver & the Scarlet Witch #1
Hawkeye #1
Thor: God of Thunder #1
Captain America #1
Black Widow #1
Hulk #1
Superior Iron Man #1

A pretty good line-up to go with the movie. Since I failed in my attempts to get a screening pass to A:AOU, I went and bought my tickets for Friday morning (IMAX matinee!) on Fandango, like you do, and saw the offer and got my code and went for it, because who doesn’t like free comics. Then my troubles began.

I do have a Marvel.com account, but of course I forgot my password, like I do 20 times a day. After a few tries I had to hit the reset password link, and got the email to do so. But then that sent me back to the “Reset your password” screen…so I made a NEW account and logged in, but then the redemption code didn’t work. I looked at the front page of Marvel.com and tried to find some other way in, but…well, as we all know, Marvel’s website looks like Piranesi, Escher and Magritte collaborated on a Where’s Waldo page while all had just dropped some bath salts.

So I guess I didn’t get my comics. It’s okay—I have other comics to read. But it is a good promotion to get some comics into the hands of movie goers. Brett Schenker also noted this promotion and found it good:

Two other things also stand out. Marvel, in the redemption page, has a “source” of Fandango. That means they’re tracking how well the promotion does, probably to see if it’s worth while to repeat in the future. What gets measured, gets done, after all. Also, towards the middle of the Fandango email was a link to a discounted digital copy of the Age of Ultron trade paperback.

I didn’t get that link, but Brett is way smarter than me and probably even remembered his password.

Anyhoo, next time you wonder why Marvel doesn’t do more to promote the comics with the movies…actually, they are.


  1. This is pretty cool. I must have missed it when/if Marvel did a same sort of thing with Guardians of the Galaxy, but I have noticed that Fandango has been doing more and more of these get-some-cool-digital-thing free with ticket purchase–ebooks, digital music, etc.–so it’s really cool to see that they’re putting digital comics in the mix too!

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