Marvel’s filling up more of the mobile gaming space with the release of the Battle Lines card game. We’ll be reviewing it soon, but in the meantime, some of the incumbent titles are getting some interesting updates.

The Marvel Contest of Champions mobile fighting game is getting a symbiotic mash up as Venom The Duck comes to the game.    Yep, Howard The Duck is getting Venomized. All the powers of Duck and Symbiote will be yours in game today.

An abject abomination crafted from the chaotic energy of the Contest itself and given shape by the monstrosity calling itself the Symbiote Supreme, Venom the Duck shapes its symbiotic mass to strengthen itself and tear its foes apart. Driven by Venom’s bloodlust and controlled by Howard’s intellect and cunning, this aberration of the Contest is a force to be reckoned with.


Not to be outdone, the mobile action-RPG Marvel Future Fight will be getting some new X-Men Universe updates. Available now, players will have the opportunity to earn fan favorites from the X-Men comics – Nightcrawler, Sentinel, and Gambit.

In addition to the highly anticipated X-Men characters joining MARVEL Future Fight, several new improvements are now live, including new costumes for existing characters (Angel, Emma Frost, X-23, and Magneto) and several characters (Magneto, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Sentinel, Angel, Emma Frost, X-23) now capable of realizing their potential.  Players can also look forward to an all-new real-time Giant Boss Raid against the giant Sentinel menace, Master Mold.

Both games are available to download from the Google Play and iOS app stores.