Kabam, the studio behind the hit mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions, announced at New York Comic Con their next game, also set in the Marvel Universe. While Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting game, the new game, Marvel Realm of Champions will be a real-time action RPG.

Realm of Champions has a very Game of Thrones feel to it. In the game, players select which house they want they join. Each house controls a section of Battleworld. Fans of Spider-Man may wish to align themselves with the Spider-Guild, the section of Battleworld housing all the Spider-Heroes. The leaders of the various houses are not who you’d expect. Spider-Guild is headed by Madame Web, but not the Madame Web from the Marvel 616 universe. Rather, this Madame Web seems to be a mysterious Gwen Stacy. Pyramid X, the mutant part of Battleworld isn’t even led by a hero. Instead, it’s the villainous Apocalypse. Other sections of Battleworld include the Kingdom of Wakanda, Patriot Garrison and the House of Iron.

Unlike Marvel Contest of Champions, in which players randomly obtain already established Marvel heroes and villains through crystals, Marvel Realm of Champions will be much more focused on players designing unique characters that fit into the style of their house.

At the Kabam NYCC booth, attendees were greeted by the sight of a giant Maestro statue, the future Hulk created by Peter David and George Pérez, and ruler of Battleworld. But upon entering the Maestro’s keep, people saw a big gamma bloodstain on his throne, with a trail of blood leading to the Maestro’s chalk outline. The king of Battleworld is dead. Which house will rule Battleworld. Players can find out in 2020 when Marvel Realm of Champions debuts on iOS and Android devices. Kabam has yet to announce what month the game will drop.