The countdown to 2021 has begun and I’m sure we can all agree we are ready for the New Year. Vault Comics has been namedropping creative teams for their new books, and today more have been added to the list.

First up: Tim Daniel, David Andry, David Dubois, and Kurt Michael Russell. Daniel has been Vault’s go-to designer for nearly all of their titles. He has also created and written several books including The Plot and has offered cover variants for The Autumnal, Heavy, She Said Destroy, The Devil’s Red Bride, and more.  Andry’s credits include Resonant while Russell’s colors can be seen on Money Shot and Dark One. The project is also welcoming newcomer artist Dubois to the comic world.


The second announcement matched up Danny Lore and Gio Sposito. Lore has written titles such as Iron Man 2020, Queen of Bad Dreams, and James Bond for Dynamite and has served as editor on The Wilds for Black Mask Comics. Sposito’s art can be seen in a variety of books from Dynamite, Legendary Comics, Zenescope, IDW, and Titan Comics’ Doctor Who series.

Keep checking back for more on all of Vault Comics’ 2021 projects.