Vault’s Nightfall: Double Feature offers readers double-sized comics featuring two separate ongoing horror stories from the top-notch creators behind titles like House of Slaughter, The Autumnal, The Plot, and Resonant. The first issue hit stores in October, and now fans can prepare for the second installment debuting tomorrow, January 18. 

Feature One in issue #2 is “The Cemeterians,” by writer Daniel Kraus, artist/cover artist Maan House, colorist Kurt Michael Russell, and letterer Jim Campbell. Tim Daniel is on designs.

Read the synopsis below:

While “skeletization” ravages the globe, causing chaos and death, Alan unveils Styx: a device capable of picking up signals from beyond the grave. After a chilling pet cemetery experiment, Alan and Ivy plug Styx into a human cemetery…and make contact.

Ahead of the release of Nightfall: Double Feature #2, the publisher shared an exclusive and extended preview of “The Cemetarians” with the Beat. Check it out here!