The Licensing show is on in Vegas this week and with it a smattering of announcements about licensing deals and brandings and so on. Among the, a second wave of properties to be open to Amazon’s Kindle Worlds program . And this time, definitely positively one of them is Valiant. So if you long to write tales of Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger, or Shadowman (With more coming) —this is your chance. Kindle Worlds is launching later this month with pre-commissioned Valiant Works by authors Jason Starr, Robert Rodi, Stuart Moore and so on

According to the PR, Kindle Worlds is negotiating with more properties for inclusion—and it’s a win win for Valiant so we’d expect to see more comics companies and properties joining up. Both rights holders and writers will get royalties from the program, and all books are subject to content approval — so put that Very Special Issue of Archer and Armstrong right back on the shelf, you pervert.

Amazon also announced new properties open to the programming including Hugh Howey’s Silo Saga, Barry Eisler’s John Rain novels, Blake Crouch’sWayward Pines Series, and the Neal Stephenson’s already multi-author Foreworld Saga.

“Since announcing Kindle Worlds just weeks ago, we’ve been energized by the interest and enthusiasm for this new program—from writers and readers alike,” said Philip Patrick, Director, Business Development and Publisher of Kindle Worlds in a statement. “With content from 2012’s Diamond Gem award-winning Comic Book Publisher of the Year and the work of several best-selling authors, we’re excited to expand Kindle Worlds and give writers even more options to be creative and earn royalties.”

“Kindle Worlds presents an amazing opportunity to bring Valiant’s wide-ranging universe of characters to a new medium, and empower fans and aspiring creators,” said Gavin Cuneo, Valiant’s CFO and Head of Strategic Development. “Comics are well known for their passionate and interactive fan communities, and, through the Kindle Worlds platform, we’re excited to give aspiring authors and fans the opportunity to work within the Valiant Universe, make their stories accessible to a large audience, and earn revenue for their work.”

Previous Kindle Worlds properties were all Allow/WB properties—Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries.


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