The Wednesday crowd may just be a stay-at-home crowd for some Manhattan readers. Midtown Comics has partneredwith Zipments, an on demand NYC delivery network which will zip your copy of Katana to you as soon as it comes out. They’re offering an introductory fee of $4.99 for the service, but the regular price will be $9.99.

For those that this seems crazy too, this is Manhattan, where the 1% of the 1% pays $18 for artisanal teas.

“We’re thrilled to partner-up with Zipments to pioneer Wednesday comic book delivery service in NYC.  It’s long overdue, and we’re getting tremendous feedback from fans who are sometimes unable to leave their home or workplace to get their new titles on Wednesday,” stated Gerry Gladston, CMO and co-owner, Midtown Comics
As every comic book fan knows, new releases happen every Wednesday and titles are announced the week prior.  The Midtown Comics/Zipments partnership will allow customers to place new release orders Wednesday evening through the following Tuesday morning on Midtown Comics’ online store.  Fans will automatically have their titles delivered every Wednesday, the first day new releases are available.  Customers can choose comics from a 5 week range and books will be hand-delivered by Zipments using protected, secure cases to any workplace or home in Manhattan (Battery Park to 125th Street).
“Zipments is committed to providing retailers with a comprehensive solution for fast and affordable local delivery,” said Liesl Chang, General Manager at Zipments.  “We’re proud to be partnering with Midtown Comics, a leader in the comic book industry and one of NYC’s marquee retailers.  By integrating with Midtown Comics’ huge online store and offering our same day delivery services at checkout, comic aficionados now have an easy and fun way to get their much anticipated new releases before they even hit the shelves.”  Midtown Comics is offering an introductory $4.99 delivery fee for every customer’s first order.  The regular delivery fee is $9.99.  


  1. So a comic courier service for Manhattan.
    Good idea, but I initially thought it was a digital comic delivery platform; ‘zipped’ files sent to you direct from your comic shop.

  2. Interesting…

    This is a way for local businesses to compete with online retailers.

    Order the item, get it delivered the same day.

    As for comics, do the mail order services deliver on Wednesday?

  3. At the introductory price of $4.99, it’s the same as a round trip to and from the store on the subway (unless you have a 30-day Metrocard), so in that context it’s free delivery. Once the regular price sets in, you’d have to decide if it’s worth the extra $5.00 to use this service (again, since you’d be spending $5.00 anyway on a round trip to and from the store, that makes the added expense just $5.00).

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