Valiant continues their slow, but steady, path to the big screen as THR has learned that their adaptation of the “New Orleans musician turned otherworldly superhero” Shadowman is getting a new shot in the arm from a fellow not unfamiliar to comics readers.

Reginald Hudlin, who has only just returned to directing after a long hiatus with this year’s release of the Thurgood Marshall biopic Marshall, is now attached to direct, while Salem showrunner Adam Simon will rewrite J. Michael Straczynski’s script. Hudlin is maybe best known to the comics crowd for his multiple years-long run on Black Panther, and is currently at work with DC on a revival of Milestone, which was announced in 2015 as “Earth M”.

According to THR’s report, Hudlin and Simon will work together on the story with Straczynski staying on board in an Executive Producer capacity. The film will be developed in-house at Valiant before being shopped to studios, a method they are currently employing with their planned Archer & Armstrong adaptation as well (currently being developed by Terry Rossio and Ruben Fleischer).

Between a multi-picture pact with Sony for Bloodshot and Harbinger, a tv development deal for Quantum & Woody, and both of the above projects. It’s a real foot-race to see what makes it live action first, just one of those really slow ones.


  1. Oh man, I remember Hudlin primarily from when he went on message boards to promote “Marvel Knights: Spider-Man” and ended

    up getting in to petty flame wars with the various regular posters, to the point that Joe Quesada himself had to go on these boards to apologize for Hudlin’s behavior.

    Good to see the director of “Kid ‘n’ Play’s House Party,” “The Ladies Man,” and the Eddie Murphy flop “Boomerang” (the one where Eddie gets raped by Eartha Kitt) is handling Harbinger. All those financially disappointing romantic comedies were great training for a big budged superhero film.

    Also, there’s this:

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