Invader Zim is back! On the screen and in the comics.  Nickelodeon recently announced a new 90 minute TV movie, and series creator, myth and legend, Jhonen Vasquez will be the SURPISE GUEST WRITER on issue #20 of Oni’s ongoing series – out this week! Art is by regular artist Warren Wucinich (Courtney Crumrin) with colors  by Fred C. Stresing (Munchkin).

The original Invader Zim series can on Nickelodeon from 2001 for 27 episodes but made an outszed impact in its brief run. I guess “before its time” applies to a show that was weird and quirky before that become normal.

The issue follows ZIM and GIR on their latest venture as they aim to accomplish… absolutely nothing.

ZIM fans have marveled as they’ve seen ZIM travel to incredible worlds and performed impossible feats of science fiction madness, but of all the things fans have been waiting for there’s ONE thing that simply hasn’t been attempted yet—UNTIL NOW,” said Vasquez. “That’s right, thanks to the power of comics technology, fans will finally get to see ZIM do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but sit on his butt and watch TV. Seriously, he just sits and complains while GIR ALSO sits and does even LESS. Don’t say we never do anything nice for you! You’re welcome!”

The continuation of the popular comic finds ZIM and GIR getting sucked into the terrible Earth cartoon show Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy, which is as disgustingly cute as it is unexplainably addicting.