Valiant have announced the creative team – and some further details – for Unity, their first crossover event of the new launch. Starting in November, the book will be written by Matt Kindt, drawn by Doug Braithwaite, and coloured by Brian Reber.

Valiant’s Super Team

The premise of the series has also been revealed, explaining that this will be more of a team-up than anything else. Unity will actually be the name of a new supergroup of characters who’ve appeared in various places for the last few months — Harada, Livewire, Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior – who are tasked with the job of stopping X-O Manowar, who arrives on Earth looking to invade.

Warren Simons, Valiant’s editor, describes the premise:

There’s a reason Valiant never had a team like this throughout its history — these characters aren’t friends. They don’t hang out in the penthouse of a high-rise waiting for the Valiant-phone to alert them to trouble. These are hard men and women. They’re dangerous and a lot of them are killers, and putting them in a room together is a violent proposition.

Toyo Harada — a child of the bomb — has dedicated his life to achieving peace by any means necessary. He will not view X-O Manowar trying to conquer Romania — which is an event at the heart of Unity— as a good thing. And neither will the Russians.

One thing of particular note – the article reveals that both Braithwaite and Reber have signed exclusive contracts with Valiant in order to take part in Unity. Along with other creators including Trevor Hairsine, Joshua Drysart and Cary Nord, this now makes five creators who are all Valiant-exclusive. There aren’t many other companies who are actively promoting their company-exclusive creators, and it’s very interesting indeed to see the company commit not just to writer and artists – but to colourists as well.



  1. Matt Kindt, you say??? I’m soooo there, although I wish he was drawing and coloring it, too. Can’t argue with Doug Braithwaite, though!

  2. Braithwaite’s art is gorgeous, and after reading Mind Mgmt, Matt Kindt’s name is a definite selling point! Even if I wasn’t already loving what Valiant’s been doing up to this point…

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