Over the weekend, this two “pulp style” variants cover for Guardians of the Galaxy by Paolo Rivera were released. (By CBR.) I love GotG. I love Paolo Rivera. I love ole timey-wimey covers. So of course I love these.
Now, although most pulp magazine covers were painted, these are rendered in flat color, as they are actually an hmage to EC Comics, but I guess you couldn’t say that without getting into trouble. The coloring is another reason why I like them. And yeah, I’m stacking the deck for my argument the other day about how good coloring—as opposed to bad, kneejerk modeling—enhances art. The EC comics had some of the best coloring of the era, and what better way to pay homage then with quality?


  1. While more of an homage to the EC era, these are terrific. Too bad we probably won’t see anything like this when the Guardians tie-in comics reach the stands.

  2. Hmmm … the top one has the Marvel logo. Does that mean these will actually be available to purchase??

  3. Yeah, plenty of props here for Wally Wood. But it should be noted the Marie Severin was the colorist on all those EC books and covers being referenced here.

  4. yeah, good covers with something going on instead of generic poses that we can’t stand any more.

  5. The Guardians #7 cover reminds me of Joe Kubert covers. The composition, line work and our easy comprehension of the ‘idea’.

  6. robberry –> Did Marie Severin do breakdowns or layouts for these covers? Apparently she often did fast layout designs for Marvel covers, to be approved and drawn by the other guys.

  7. @Rich,

    No, sorry, but you misunderstood me. marie Severin was the in-house colorist at EC and did the coloring on most all of the books (and covers) from about 1950 on. The Rivera covers above use a drawing style that emulates two of EC’s best-known cover artists; Wally Wood and marie’s brother John Severin. But the color design of those EC books, and most of the classic Marvel comics throughout the 60’s, came from one really talented lady.

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