If you are looking to put some cute into your life, you need not seek much farther than the Usagi Yojimbo Plush Figure that Dark Horse is offering. The ode-to-adorable was designed with extensive input from creatr Stan Sakai, and here we offer — exclusively! — some of his designs for the toy. To make one of them your own, you need only part with $24.99 — cheep!

4-Usagi Plush Color

5-Usagi Plush Faces

1-Usagi Plush Front

2-Usagi Plush Side

3-Usagi Plush Back


  1. This is the most adorable thing ever, ever, ever.

    I want.

    Will definitely be ordering at least two – one for me, one for my Usagi-readin’ brother. Usagi is a well-written saga & having a cuddly plush of him is awesome. If only there could be a Tomoe companion piece..!

  2. Having attempted to steal various prototypes that showed up at the Dark Horse offices, I can tell you this little guy is more mind-bendingly cute than the pictures show. I’ve been waiting for this for years, and it came out so much better than I imagined it might. I want stuffed Hellboy next!