Universal has released the first actual stills from SCOTT PILGRIM, although one has been floating around for a bit. The general reaction around the web has been shock and awe. Splash Page has the kind of in-depth analysis usually reserved for 3rd down conversions in the Super Bowl.


§ In less thrilling news, looks like SPIDEY 4 is really in a boondoggle of a delay, as crew members have been advised to look for other work. As we reported yesterday, the film has been delayed over script concerns voiced by director Sam Raimi.

§ Having proven he’s convincing as both a capitalist with a heart of fissionable materials and a Victorian English OCD victim, Robert Downey Jr. will next attempt to show he can twirl a lariat as the loooong promised COWBOYS & ALIENS movie has a July start date. Directed by Iron Man co-conspirator Jon Favreau, the film is being considered for the hot new 3D treatment according to Kim LeMasters at The Daily Beast. Rich Johnston has the history of the COWBOYS & ALIENS comic book.

§ KICK-ASS will be the opening night film for the SXSW film festival. Yep, looks like comic book movies are red hot in ’10.