Is that an iceberg dead ahead? NO, it’s an E-READER, and they are coming right at ya, especially at the Consumer Electronics Show, currently underway in Las Vegas. At Steve Ballmer’s keynote last night, Microsoft unveiled its Slate device, which was cute and touchable, but not the fold over Courier everyone has been lusting after.
As part of the presentation, there was a flash of Graphic.ly, which recently announced funding , and was shown off as a a storefront for downloadable comics.

During Microsoft’s keynote at CES 2010 this evening, Steve Ballmer showed off a very cool mobile and web application called Graphic.ly, a platform that aims to be the ultimate digital content delivery system for the publishing world. Graphic.ly’s first target is comic book fans. With Graphic.ly, comic book fans can not only access the content they want from multiple devices — including mobile phones and the desktop — they can also interact with other fans and with the comic creators.

So LongBox has some competition? Graphic.ly is not available for Macs, so we’ll have to pass on that for now.


  1. Thanks for the mention! By the end of January, we will have an Adobe AIR app (which is cross platform), the Windows 7 app (with touch technology for touchscreen enabled PCs) and an iPhone app.

    Quickly following, we will cover all devices (that make sense to read and engage with comics), and build a rich web app. Our belief is that readers should be able to read and engage with the stories, publishers and creators wherever and whenever they want. So Graphic.ly will be available on all screens, whether they are in your pocket, on your desk or in the living room.

  2. There’s a rumor that the Longbox launch is tied to the release of the Apple Tablet, but (like all things Apple) that’s unconfirmed.

    I’ll give Graphic.ly a go. So far the best “reader” for my iPhone that I’ve seen is the Comixology one.