Posted exclusively at Comics Alliance, it’s by Jill Thompson, and as far as we’re concerned, it’s another winner. Click the link for more thoughts by editor Jeanine Schaefer and Laura Hudson at the — kinda amazing — level of controversy the original GIRL COMICS announcement er, engendered:

“I think the name is polarizing for two reasons,” said Schaefer. “One, because in order to talk about women in comics you more often than not have to make one gender the ‘other,’ and inevitably someone feels misrepresented. Two, because ‘girl’ is a bomb of a word that for many women has been wielded against them to cause a lot of damage both mentally and professionally, and people seem to be unsure if this is another case of the weaponized word or not.”


  1. I’m not trying to stir the pot. I swear. I just wonder – had this been drawn by a man – if there would be major flak for putting Ms Marvel right in front of Jean Grey’s pelvis like that. And having Ms Marvel looking back that way.

    Ack. I feel dirty for just thinking it.

  2. I’m waiting for the flack about how the women will have to wait for a man (Colossus) to swoop in and save the day by giving Kitty “Love’s first kiss” when Clea should have been able to figure out a counter-spell to the (Scarlet) Witch’s poison apple. (Is this the first Disney-fication of Marvel? *wink*)

    As for me, I shan’t give any flack; I’m too busy enjoying Jill Thompson’s art, and wishing upon a star (wrong Disney movie, I know) for more Magic Trixie).

  3. I’m sorry, but I agree with Mikael and actually find this to be pretty blatantly pornographic. I mean, its even happening on a bed for crying out loud, and both of their expressions play into it.

    More so so than any of the other scan’n’giggle fan manufactured innuendo shots, this almost seems planned. I wonder if a statement is being made?

  4. Wait a sec….if it’s here it’s not exclusive.

    Was the image just lifted from Comics Alliance? And if so, how is this not plagiarism? I mean, maybe the rules are different for the web….

  5. I think size/resolution makes the difference here. The Comics Alliance image is a huge, detailed pic. This post uses a scaled down version to discuss the cover, cites the source and has a link back. I think it’s both fair use and professional courtesy at work here.

  6. matt said:

    “I mean, its even happening on a bed for crying out loud…”

    Matt, would you be more comfortable with it if was the dining room table or alongside the pool? Of course she’s on a bed. When people pass out, you move them to a comfortable place.

  7. Poor Scarlet Witch! Remember when she used to be a HERO! Well… in between all those “gone crazy” moments… eh, ok. Never mind. (But I love the Scarlet Witch, and I just wish they’d bring her back, and make her good again. I can wish.)

  8. Geez, and the manchildren are wetting themselves again/already.

    I think the above “who’s gonna kiss her?” scene is brilliantly funny, and who gives a damn what the fanboys think.

  9. “Who’s going to kiss her”. I didn’t even get that until someone said it. I suppose that’s what Jean Grey is doing? Saying “not me” with her hand gesture? Cause it looks like she’s trying to psychically read Kitty’s mind. That’s how I took it.

    To Quest – I’m not sure if you’re an artist or not – but if not, every line you lay down, every figure you draw – you are very aware of positioning and how figures touch against others. That curve of Ms. Marvel’s rear that Jill had to draw? There’s no doubt in my mind that at some point, the artist’s mind connected that it was all but pressed up against the background figure. Or if Ms Marvel was drawn first, laying down Jean right behind her would definitely play out in the artist’s mind. Doesn’t mean she thought of it in a sexual way – but there’s no way you don’t think about placement.

    So – sorry – no wetting myself. Just pointing out that it was predictable that people would rush to compliment and slather over it. Or in other words: bite me. lol

  10. I can’t speak for others, since art is subjective, but this looks great to me. Technically I see the pelvis-to-butt angle, but I don’t get any sexual connotation from it. Also, speaking as an artist I will say that things often change along the way from concept sketch to pencils to inks to colors — in this case, watercolors. So the intention is not always there just because the final ended up as such.

  11. I don’t know it’s any *more* sexualized than, er. Most comics. I mean, it seems like an innocent scene being drawn in a vaguely cheesecakey way.

    I’m more disturbed that poor Wanda seems to be the villain. Perhaps she is being mind-controlled? Yet again?

  12. 18 comments….pffft…..this lost all the fun for the second issue. I had my pitchforks and torches all ready to go, too….