Yesterday I pointed out some negative tweeting about last weekend’s Intervention in Rockville, MD, a small webcomics/blogging focused show in its fifth year. Past guests Andrew Farago and Shaenon Garrity showed up in the comments to defend InterventionCon from complainer Jon Rosenberg, and then there was a bit of a sub-tweeting war between Rosenberg and Farago.

I did get some background via someone who preferred to stay anonymous. While allowing that Intervention is small show—the FAQ states that attendance is only a few hundred people—it is more of a networking weekend, and those who go in with that expectation have a great time.

Guest speakers at this event included full time webcomickers like Pete Abrams (Sluggy Freelance) and Rob Balder (Erfworld.) They’ve both been back many times. Shannon Garrity is also a regular attendee, but couldn’t make it due to her baby. I understand she’ll be back next year. Outside of comics, there were Boing Boing bloggers, the head of Toonseum and more. It’s really a unique experience to get all these people in one room and be able to pick their brains. That’s what this con is about.

My commenter and Farago both thought it was poor form of Rosenberg to get paid expenses for the weekend and then complain about the con, especially during the show. I’m told his discontent throughout the show was known by many attendees and some wanted to get refunds on their purchases from him.

Be that as it may, some people are happy with low key events, others expect something different. I don’t think Intervention was billed as a lollapalooza, and I expect it will be back for a successful year six.