Here’s is a nice story on how actor Donald Glover has been cast as the voice of Miles Morales in an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man.

USA Today reports the actor will voice the character next year in an episode of Disney XD’s animated “Ultimate Spider-Man,” which in its upcoming third season carries the subtitle “Web Warriors.” In the “Spider-Verse” story arc, a dimension-hopping Peter Parker (voiced by Drake Bell) tries to prevent the Green Goblin from collecting the DNA of Spider-Men from parallel universes, including Iron Spider, Spider-Man 2099, the Amazing Spider-Girl and Miles Morales.

Glover at one time campaigned to play the regular live-action Spider-Man, leading Community’s producer Dan Harmon to put a sequence in the show of Glover waking up in Spider-Man pajamas. This in turn inspired Brian Bendis to create Miles Morales as the Ultimate universe Spidey, and now…the circle is complete.


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