Here at Stately Beat Manor we’re huge Uniqlo fans. Most days we’re clad head to toe in their practical, no fuss styles. But we’re on a strict limit of how many t-shirts we can buy from them, which is hard because they’re always rolling out fun pop culture themed lines. They’ve just launched a new line of shirts featuring reimagined veiws of Mickey Mouse : with art by Kevin Lyons, Mike Mills, Geoff McFetridge, James Jarvis, Yu Nagaba and Jeffrey Brown – yes that Jeffrey Brown. And, to no one’s surprise, they are CUTE.

Goods 08 412217

Goods 412217 sub5
From his start as a self-published autobiographical cartoonist, Brown has become something of a household name – at least among households with kids – via his trilogy of Star Wars cartoons, his Jedi Academy books and and most recently his Lucy and Andy Neanderthal series.

Uniqlo has also featured a ton of manga/anime themed T-shirts – I still treasure my One Piece lewks – but they recently rolled out something of a deep cut with a Rose of Versailles line – still available here, with art by manga-ka Riyoko Ikeda. Some gifting problems solved there.

Rose of versailles

Usgoods 410597 sub9

Really, the only limit is the size of your closet where collecting these is concerned.