Uniqlo did Moomin and Tezukahttp://ift.tt/1brCm5r

Speaking of One Piece, my wardrobe is full (a little too full, I think) of One Piece merch from the Japanese retailer Uniqlo, which has a growing number of outlets here in the US. Uniqlo does great lines of clothing based on various cartoony things, and they had one for Tove Jansson’s Moomin , which appears to be all sold out, which is making me (and probably Tom Devlin) cry. (I am not allowed to go to Uniqlo because I inevitably come out with a whole wardrobe.)


For men, there was a Tezuka collectionwhich is also almost sold out. Sorry I didn’t know about these sooner! UNIQLO WHY ARE YOU NOT KEEPING THE BEAT BETTER INFORMED????
Still available: Peanuts!

It’s worth checking the Uniqlo site periodically because they regularly feature artists like this, and I can tell you with certainty that their t-shirts are comfortable and hold up to washings very very well.

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