Uncivilized Books has had a few knockout books, with Maya Neyestani’s An Iranian Metamorphosis getting a lot of wards consideration. And now here’s the Fall line-up with more exciting titles, including new works from Sam Alden, the debut of Xeric winner Caitlin Skaalrud, and the publishers first fiction book from a brace of award-winning writers. They also have a subscription plan for all three titles.


New Construction:
by Sam Alden
A collection of two new stories from cartoonist and Adventure Time contributor Sam Alden. In “Household,” a brother and sister deal with divergent memories of their father and grow closer than ever. In “Backyard,” vegans and anarchists share a house, small dramas and bizarre transformations (featuring a new, never before published ending). Designed as a companion volume to the critically acclaimed It Never Happened Again, New Construction cements Alden’s reputation as one of the best cartoonists of his generation.
ISBN 9781941250037
Softcover, b&w, 208 Pages, $17.95
Comics / Graphic Novel

Houses of the Holy
by Caitlin Skaalrud
A young woman’s descent into the depths of her psyche takes the form of a Dantean journey, each stage a macabre installation of everyday objects and animals (dead and alive) arranged in occult patterns. Abandoning the false self leads her through despair, self-surrender, and an encounter with the inner void. Houses of the Holy by Caitlin Skaalrud is a nightmarish vision of a damaged psyche fighting to be reborn.

ISBN 9781941250051
Softcover, b&w, 180 pages, $21.95


The Deaths of Henry King
by Brian Evenson, Jesse Ball and Lilli Carré
In The Deaths of Henry King, the hapless Henry King, as advertised, dies. Not just once or even twice, but seven dozen times, each death making way for a new demise, moving from the comic to the grim to the absurd to the transcendent and back again. With text by Jesse Ball and Brian Evenson complimented by Lilli Carré’s macabre, gravestone-rubbing art, Henry King’s ends are brought to vividly absurd life.

ISBN 9781941250075
Hardcover, b&w with 40 2-color illustrations, 132 pages, $22.95