Marvel has revealed a few more details about the return of Uncanny X-Men.  While they’re being cagey about the actual plot, Marvel announced that Uncanny will be returning in November and that the first 10 issues will be weekly.  Continuing the current Marvel trend of callbacks to past events, this story will be called “Disassembled,” referencing “Avengers Disassembled.”  “Avengers Disassembled” was when Brian Bendis took over Avengers and cleared the deck for his New Avengers run.  It was arguably the starting point for Marvel’s event-oriented publishing program in the aughts and moved the pieces into place for House of M, among other things.

The creative group on the title, at least for the opening arc, is Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson and Matthew Rosenberg writing with Mahmud Asrar, R.B. Silva, Yildiray Cinar and Pere Perez on interior art.  Leinil Frances Yu will be doing the covers.

There were a lot of weekly series/events announced in October, so we’ll see if any more are announced in November.   One gets the impression that Uncanny X-Men might not be a weekly after the first 10 issues, but Marvel is also a bit cagey about the long-term plans here.

Official PR follows:

Last month at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Comics announced that UNCANNY X-MEN would return this fall. Today, the creative team was officially announced as well as an official release date for UNCANNY X-MEN #1 — Wednesday, November 14. The new ongoing series is jam-packed with X-talent — all the writers and artists have previously worked on X-Men characters and stories and will be teaming up for more mutant mayhem!

UNCANNY X-MEN will launch with a 10-part weekly epic called “Disassembled.” Where the series goes from there depends on who is left standing! In this “epic tale of mystery and tragic disappearance,” every remaining mutant on the planet will come together in “an adventure so Earth-shattering, it could very well be the X-Men’s FINAL mission!” With stakes this high, it will take an extraordinary team to tell this story.

Writers Ed Brisson (EXTERMINATION), Kelly Thompson (MR. AND MRS. X), and Matthew Rosenberg (PHOENIX RESURRECTION, ASTONISHING X-MEN) will join the equally X-perienced artistic team of Mahmud Asrar (X-MEN RED), R.B. Silva (X-MEN BLUE), Yildiray Cinar (WEAPON X), and Pere Perez (ROGUE AND GAMBIT). Leinil Frances Yu will provide artwork for the covers.


  1. Excited for this but odd that a new book launches with an event that seems to be setting up the new status quo. As long as it leads to Jean dropping that terrible costume I’ll be all in.

  2. @Brian, I remember that one well. And I still stand behind my comment to that article. Weekly is still and absolutely crazy (see the tepid response to Man of Steel) way to launch a new direction for a title or line of titles. If publishers want to go weekly, they sure as heck better lower the price for admission. Kick off the weekly run with a $1 book. Buck the trend! Resist the urge to milk every dollar on the first issue! But we all know Marvel is going to publish Uncanny X-Men #1 with a $4.99 or $5.99 price tag and provide 2 or 3 “bonus” stories to fill the extra pages.

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