A few more titles on sale this weekend that might be of interest:

Have you ever heard of Kaijumax?  It’s a bit under the radar, but it’s extremely well done and a wild ride.  Zander Cannon’s concocted a gritty prison drama about giant monsters.  Oh, it looks like a cute monster comic for the YA crowd when you glance at it.  NOPE.  On an island prison designed to hold giant monsters and aliens, all sorts of nasty stuff is going on.  Inmates doing drugs (or the equivalent for their physiology… it’s not what you might expect and it’s clever).  Prison gangs.  Corrupt guards.  I’ve heard it described as the HBO show OZ meets Godzilla and that’s really a decent elevator pitch for it.  It’s a deceptively dark comic, but it’s really good.

Letter 44 is a science fiction comic that’s a real page turner.  Written by Charles Soule and with Alberto Alberquerque, it starts out with new president assuming office and reading the traditional letter left to him by his predecessor.  Except in this case, the letter is informing him that there’s an alien presence in the asteroid belt and project has been mounted to go there and find out what’s going on.  Letter 44 follows two threads: the increasingly dire situation of the astronauts trying to make first contact and everything hitting the fan on Earth as global political power struggles ensue.

Did you see the film Atomic Blonde?  It was based on a comic: The Coldest City by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart.

And some sales we’ve talked about earlier that are still in effect this weekend:


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