Time for a couple more interesting sales.

First, Marvel has West Coast Avengers on sale.  The Englehart run, which is the first four books on the list, is considered the classic run.  There actually should be a fifth volume, but that last set of issues doesn’t appear to be collected right now.

West Coast Avengers Assemble is the original mini-series and related comics.

Also on sale is The Sixth Gun from Oni.  This series from Cullen Bunn and (primarily) Brian Hurtt is probably the best horror western comic ever done.  Set just after the Civil War, six ancient weapons have taken the form of six-shooters.  The six guns can be used, and have been used, to destroy the world and shape a new one to replace it.  The Sixth Gun is about the struggle to control these weapons as factions with differing intents vie for them.  Vol. 1-9 are the main story and that’s what you should be starting with.  Highly recommended as a series that isn’t afraid to take it’s various premises to their logical conclusions.  Vol.1-9 range in price from $2.99-$5.99, so it’s a 70%-85% discount on these.


  1. I loved, loved, loved the 6th Gunn. Bunn, Hurtt & Crabtree are a fantastic team. And I’m loving their current ongoing, “The Damned”.

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