It’s official: the eleventh season of The Walking Dead will be the conclusion of the long-running AMC zombie drama. But like a corpse that has reanimated and crawled its way out of its grave, TWD will still be with us. Namely, in the form of four spinoffs and a trilogy of movies (not to mention The Walking Dead Deluxe, the freshly-colored re-release of the black & white comic that inspired the TV series).

The cast of the first season of TWD.

Variety reported that the 24 season eleven episodes will be in addition to six more episodes that are being considered part of season ten – so that’s 30 additional episodes of TWD to be filmed and aired between early 2021 and late 2022, when the conclusion of the main series is scheduled.

But that won’t be the last you see of the world of TWD. First, there’s the spinoff already in progress, Fear the Walking Dead, which will begin airing its sixth season on October 11th. Plus, there’s the new spinoff The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, about the generation that comes of age in the post-undead world, which will be premiering immediately after TWD on October 4th.

Daryl and Carol, spinning off together…

The annoucement that TWD main series is ending was accompanied by the proclamation that two additional spinoffs will be shuffling their way toward you soon. The first, set to premiere after the conclusion of TWD in 2023, will follow the continued exploits of fan-favorite characters Daryl (Normal Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride). The two characters are the only main cast survivors from TWD‘s first season in 2010, one very long decade ago.

In addition to the Daryl/Carol (“Darol”? “Caryl”?) spinoff, there’s also an anthology series planned. Tales of the Walking Dead will tell episodic, standalone stories set in TWD universe, featuring both new and established characters.

Back in 2010 the CDC seemed like a viable rescue option.

Somehow still not enough TWD for you? All of this is in addition to the trilogy of movies featuring Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), which Universal still hopes will be released in theaters (but we’ll have to wait and see if the effects of COVID-19 last as long as the consequences of the disease that infected TS-19).


  1. This show is still on?! I stopped watching a few years ago. The reason? Your helpful photo of the season one cast, most of whom are dead now or otherwise left the series.

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