Ah Toy Fair, a riot of plastic, wood, metal, resin and MAGIC! As usual, The Beat pounded the halls of the JAvits Center and beyodnd to bring you only the FRESHEST toys and playthings.

The day started at 7 am with the Lego event. As that time of day there isn’t much to remember but here are a few highlights. They did mention that they are busy working on Rogue One toys but nothing could be shown. Some highlights of the rest:


A saucy Harley Quinn on her own vehicle.


General Leia has her own minifig! It is a bit startling to see the now middle-aged careworn minifig, in sensible earth-tones, but your son going over to the dark side takes its toll.


And the lady Ghostbusters! Yes Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon are now minifigs and that is kind of amazing.


And Chris Hemsworth. All too this is too perfect.


Black Widow is on her bike, as she should be, finally!


Black Panther also made his debut and he looks great!


Captain Marvel is included in the Avenjet Space Mission, along with Captain America (Space Suit), Hyperion, Iron Man (Space Suit) and Thanos. I guess this is a made up adventure not fro the MCU.


One of the big releases is a Assault on Hoth set with 2000 pieces which retails for $250 so save up now. It comes out in April.


Also a Batman 1966 Batcave with 2,526 pieces retailing for $269.99. High play value.


Several Captain America Civil War sets were revealed, including this one with Black Widow, Falcon and Crossbones.


And the Red Skull Submarine Attack, which includes the Vision. This is not a movie set.

Even the “Town” line has bene upgraded with more adventure, like a volcano, which is not a normal part of the town unless you live in a very special town, like Vanuatu.

And here are some galleries:

Minecraft, shot with my special Minecraft lens:


Angry Birds. which look great:

Star Wars:

More Marvel:

DC sets. including Batman v Superman:



And miscellaneous stuff including Ninjago, Town, Fairies, Disney Princesses, Disney and more:




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