Just ahead of Toy Fair ’20, Spin Master unveiled the first wave of its DC Comics related toys after acquiring the license from Mattel at the end of 2018. To the surprise of no one, Spin Master decided to place the focus primarily on the Dark Knight.

That’s not to say that the rest of the DC Universe isn’t getting any love now or in the future. Besides the DC Universe figures already available from Spin Master, more characters were on display at the booth including Aquaman, Black Manta, Reverse-Flash, and Gorilla Grodd.

In contrast to McFarlane Toy’s approach to its DC Multiverse figures, Spin Master isn’t necessarily adapting versions of the characters from specific continuities but mainly drawing from current comics. Nevertheless, there are instances where Spin Master will deviate if it makes for a more visually interesting figure. Bronze Tiger, for instance, most people are more familiar in the guise of a normal human who can go toe-to-toe with Batman. Depending on the continuity however, Bronze Tiger has on occasion been depicted as a mutant tiger, which is what Spin Master clearly took as inspiration. Same thinking for the more reptilian Copperhead as opposed to a guy in a snake suit.

If you’re wondering why there are two versions of King Shark, as both a Great White and Hammerhead, the Hammerhead is a Target exclusive.

Also worth noting, that although Spin Master couldn’t divulge much at the moment, there are plans in the works to produce tie-in toys for the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman film.


Toy Fair 20 Spin Master Toy Fair 20 Spin Master  Toy Fair 20 Spin Master Toy Fair 20 Spin Master Toy Fair 20 Spin Master Toy Fair 20 Spin MasterToy Fair 20 Spin Master

Spin Master’s DC and Batman™ lineup includes action-oriented toys inspired by Batman’s 80-year legacy that celebrates him as the #1 DC Super Hero. Kids can reenact missions with the Batman 4-Inch Action Figures with 11 points of articulation! Inside each package, discover a collector card that uncovers your mission. Reveal three mission-specific accessories like gauntlets, shields and more plus a Batgear accessory in every pack. Spring, Ages 3+, $7.99 (1 pack), $15.99 USD (2 pack).

More 12-inch figures at Toy Fair ’20 Spin Master Booth

Batcave set for the kids (and kids at heart).

Discover the BatCave inside and then flip over to reveal Missions on the outside. This 2-in- 1 playset features different levels that can be split apart. Features inlcude a hidden escape hatch, armory, detachable ladder, and breakaway gate.
Fall, Ages 3+, $44.99 USD

Also unveiled was a blind box line of 2-inch figures of various Batman friends and foes.

Toy Fair 20 Spin Master Toy Fair 20 Spin Master Toy Fair 20 Spin Master Toy Fair 20 Spin Master Toy Fair 20 Spin Master Toy Fair 20 Spin Master

The Talon assassins from Court of Owls, created by writer Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, seem to be in the spotlight all of a sudden. Besides the Talon figures on display at the Spin Master booth, but DC Direct revealed its own Talon figure designed by Ty Templeton. The cryptic images from Warner Bros. in recent months teasing not only a new Arkham video game but that the Court of Owls may have a presence has me speculating that they may be anticipating a renewed interest in Talons and Court of Owls in conjunction with the game’s release.

Toy Fair 20 Spin Master

Toy Fair 20 Spin MasterMore assorted Bat gadgets

Toy Fair 20 Spin MasterThe crown jewel of Spin Master’s Batman line without a doubt is the Launch & Defender Batmobile

The Launch & Defend™ Batmobile™ is the only vehicle that lets you race your Batmobile around Gotham city and launch Batman into action! This iconic vehicles comes with an exclusive 4″ Batman figure. Place Batman in the cockpit of his Batmobile, and with a push of a button, launch Batman into the action. This easy to drive vehicle merges remote control and action figure play, creating the ultimate experience for fans. The Launch and Defend Batmobile is USB re-chargeable and compatible with all 4″ Batman figures. Fall, Ages 4+, $39.99 USD