The excitement continues to build as we inch ever close to the premiere of the highly anticipated DC Super Hero Girls premiere on Cartoon Network in just a few weeks. An extension of the already successful franchise, DCSHG was developed by Emmy winning animator Lauren Faust, probably best known for her reinvention and revitalization of the My Little Pony property, many are expecting Faust to bring the same magic to DC’s staple of characters. In fact, at Toy Fair last weekend advertisements for the animated series were all over the Javits.

Moreover, Mattel unveiled its upcoming toy line tie-in to the new animated iteration inspired by the look and designs of the show. For those wondering what will become of the DCSHG toy line in the wake of the losing the DC toy license to Spin Master, apparently the deal doesn’t apply to preschool or girl toys so DCSHG is staying at Mattel at least for the time being. It’s a given that the life of most children’s animated shows are determined by the sales of licensed merchandise hence why toy juggernaut cartoons like the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the aforementioned current My Little Pony can produce over 200 episodes. Without the toy license, kids cartoons are lucky to last 50ish episodes such as Static Shock despite a ratings smash could never attract companies to create a toy line.

Plus, with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ending with Season 9, it’s almost perfect timing for the eponymous “brony” fandom to move on to spiritual successor.

Hitting shelves this fall, the doll line will focus on the main 6 heroines but I wouldn’t be surprised to see more characters from the show to appear in the line such as the super villains. Additionally expect Katanna included in the toy line and in the carton as mentioned at SDCC.

DC Super Hero Girls Teen Life to Super Hero Action Doll.

  • These 12-inch, stand-alone dolls come dressed in their everyday teen outfits – with trendy pieces inspired by their signature DC Super Hero colors and designs.
  • When duty calls, kids can change the dolls into their iconic Super Hero looks with removable accessories.
  • Choose from Supergirl™, Wonder Woman™ and Batgirl™.


DC Super Hero Girls Action Doll figures. $9.99 each.

  • Each doll in this new assortment of 12-inch Super Hero Girls™ wears her signature Super Hero suit with iconic logos and colors, and has removable accessories like masks, capes, belts, gauntlets and more.
  • Dolls can stand alone for powerful posing. Choose from Batgirl™, Supergirl™, Zatanna™, Bumblebee, Wonder Woman™, Jessica Cruz and Katana™.


From Mattel show floor