Every year indie mainstay Top Shelf Holds a big $3 sale selected backstock that last for a few weeks. The 2013 sale ends today and you can get books for even a lot less than $1, as well as comics by Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Craig Thompson and many many more. You can get some very awesome books for only $1. What are you waiting for? Seriously here are a few of the books you can get for ONE FRAKKING DOLLAR:

THE PLAYWRIGHT by Eddie Campbell and Daren White. A very very dark humored but stunningly realistic portrait of a man who lets life pass him by until one day he doesn’t.

TALES OF WOODSMEN PETE by Lilli Carré. Carré is one of our finest young cartoonists and this is the book that put her on the map, the rambling musings of a lonely woodsman. Lumberjack fetishists, this is for you.

UNMARKETABLE by Tom Hart. This is probably my favorite post-9/11 graphic novel, a multi-leveled satire on commercialism and civil disobediance that has no chance of improving anything. IF YOU BUY THIS BOOK AND DON’T LIKE IT I WILL SEND YOU A DOLLAR!

SULK #1 by Jeffrey Brown. This tiny volume includes tales of Big Head, Brown’s superhero character. If you like browns Star Wars book you’ll like the whimsical satire of this book.

Check out the rest of the sale before its too late; it’s full of gems like these.


  1. Nearly $10 for shipping is insane. The only way to make that worthwhile is to buy 10 or more books to distribute the shipping cost across the board.

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