By Gabriel Neeb
After years of false starts and rumors, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane confirmed that a new Spawn movie is coming, to be written and directed by McFarlane himself.
Although announced a day earlier through the internet, McFarlane was able to share a fee additional details at the panel “Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane in Conversation” held 22 July at the San Diego Comic Convention.
What makes this announcement different than the other stories circulated through the years, is that McFarlane has partnered with successful production company Blumhouse to create this movie. McFarlane then showed a video of Blumhouse head Jason Blum announcing the project. True to the form of having a first attempt that didn’t quite work, the video had to be restarted before it could be shown.
McFarlane has directed projects before, and did manage to win a Grammy for directing the music video “Breeze” for Canadian rap group Swollen Members.
McFarlane addressed ideas that first time directors are a cautious animal by invoking the success of the film GET OUT which was also directed by a first time director, Jordan Peele.
During the question and answer section, McFarlane did specify that this was a reboot and that the original Spawn actor Michael Jai White would not return as Spawn. He did express hope that Keith David, who voiced Spawn in the HBO animated series from the 1990s would make a cameo.
McFarlane does expect to give filming updates through the Spawn website and hopefully, be able to show footage by Summer 2018 at that year’s San Diego Con.