I’ll be journeying to my ancestral homeland in  this weekend to East Side Mags in Montclair, NJ. IT should be a lively talk with the super smart Joan Hilty and Martha Donato on hand to be quizzed by The Beat. You can find more about the event here, but here’s the log line.

C3 Presents: The Future of Comics

Join comic industry veterans Joan Hilty (Nickelodeon, DC Comics) and Martha Donato (Long Beach Comic Con) for a conversation with journalist Heidi MacDonald (The Beat) about the future of comic book fandom in a rapidly-changing industry, presented by C3 (Comic Creator Conference).

Will mainstream comics give voice to new and diverse creators? Will indie publishers lead the way? How will the national and regional comic conventions and fan groups evolve to make room for new creators and content? Join Martha, Joan and Heidi as they address these topics, your questions and more.

After pregaming with Joan and Martha I’m very eager to talk about how the inetrsection of fandom, media and creators is affecting th emedium. Should be good talk!



  1. Ha! You finally make it across the Hudson on the same day I’m heading the opposite direction into Manhattan. =(

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