Over the weekend at SPX I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Trina Robbins and meeting Rebecca Wilson, one of the original contributors to Wimmens Comix, the groundbreaking underground anthology from the 70s. Tomorrow, if you’re in Berkeley you can celebrate another one of the cartoonists from that era, the legendary Lee Marrs. She’ll be presenting a slideshow and signing a self-published collection of her seminal comic Pudge, Girl Blimp, in a new edition with an intro by Gloria Steinam.

Marr’s was interview for Alex Dueben’s oral history of Wimmens and also in a profile here. 

Pudge Girl Blimp was a three issue trilogy published in the 70s about a naive girl who goes to join the counter culture in the Bar Area and learns some truths about herself and life and losing ons virginity. I’ve often suggested it to people as a reprint project but no one bit, so Marrs has done so herself. It’s a piece of comics history and I’m guessing this launch party will round up some of the remaining characters from that long ago scene in a long gone Bay area. 

You can also buy the collection on Amazon.



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