When they look back on these hellscape years, there will be so much to explain. Including the runaway success of the Venom film, which has now surpassed the box office of the Justice League movie.  And it has even conquered China, with a massive opening there:

But the weekend’s biggest winner offshore was Sony’s Venom, which opened to a huge $111 million in China, its final market, for a revised global total of $673.5 million. The pic scored the second-biggest China launch of all time for a superhero title, as well as the fifth-best ever for a Western title, according to Sony.

In case you’re wondering, the #1 opening was Avengers: Infinity War.

But wait, just think of all the movies Venom outstripped in China. Avengers. Iron Man, Black Panther, Batman, Spider-Man. Wonder Woman. I mean…it’s mind boggling.

While one must wonder if the Chinese audience is aware of the cute little human/alien romance going on here (probably – they’re not dumb), an even more lengthy ponder is just what the hell is going on??!!?? HOW did this very strange and awkward movie capture the imaginations of so many people?

Clearly, we’re living in the dystopian future we always read about.



  1. Roto, “fun” doesn’t have to mean “stupid, moronic and incompetent.” Which describes “Venom.”

    Watch the first Avengers and Iron Man movies, Sam Raimi’s second Spider-Man movie, or the first two “Die Hard” movies, if you want to see how to intelligently make a fun movie.

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