In my round-up of Venom news the other day, I alluded to “Veddie” or “Symbrock” – the suddenly very popular “ship” of Eddie Brock and Venom. It’s an interpretation that the comic has been flirting with in a PG way – Venom and Eddie even have a kid together – but made a little more explicit in the movie by a kissing scene.

Well, it seems I underestimated the excitement over this a bit. I asked my Tumblr expert, my podcast co-host Kate Fitzsimons about this “Veddie” thing and she told me that “Venom is definitely the hot new ship that’s taking the world by storm!”  She says there are 358 Eddie/Venom fics on AO3 (the fanfic archive) alone, and it’s swept over Tumblr like wild fire. “My notifications won’t stop pinging,” she said, referring to her Tumblr alerts.

Indeed, checking on Fandom’s regular ship charts, Veddie is now #1 with a bullet, surpassing Kleith, Klance (both Voltron) and even Jikook, a BTS ship based on real people. Stucky is now all the way down at 15.

I’ve urged Kate to come by to write up a fuller account of this, since I don’t really have the time to delve into the Venom comic, but suffice to say, even in this horrible world, some things can bring a smile to my face, and a romance between a man and his alien symbiote is one of them.


  1. Yeah, this is completely normal and in no way resembles the weirdly obsessive behavior of old-school fanboys. Nope. Not at all. This is clearly the mark of functional people with functional relationships of their own.


  2. I’m all for wasting time with pointless fan-projects, as will be apparent to anyone who follows my link.

    Still, because I’ve never liked Venom, this seems like a ship-storm in a teacup.

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