Kidbox has released two new style boxes just in time for the holiday season featuring the biggest movies of 2019: Frozen 2 and Star Wars!

These limited edition style boxes cost just $48 apiece, and each includes 4-5 themed items that will dress kids head-to-toe in styles that feature their favorite characters. For each box that Kidbox sells, a box will be donated to clothe a disadvantaged child, with a goal of ultimately providing clothing to one million children in need.

Each Kidbox offering is designed to provide excellent value for the cost, so kids have the opportunity to celebrate their favorite characters without destroying your wallet. Between multiple versions of the Frozen 2 box and a Star Wars-themed box, there’s an option to best suit the needs of every kid on your holiday gift-giving list.

The options for the Frozen 2 Kidbox include a Toddler Box, a Little Box, and a Big Box, and depending on the option you choose, comes with either a blanket or a backpack, making it an ideal seasonal update to your child’s wardrobe and accessories. Anna and Elsa, the sisters at the heart of Frozen 2‘s adventure, are featured prominently in the designs, with sentient snowman Olaf making quite a few appearances, as well! The Frozen 2 box comes in sizes 2T through 10.

Meanwhile, the Star Wars box includes a hoodie featuring the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy and a sweater sporting a unique Imperial Stormtrooper design, as well as a blanket with images of the most legendary characters in the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars Kidbox is available in sizes 4 through 10.

If you’re looking for an ideal holiday gift for a kid in your life, the Frozen 2 and Star Wars Kidboxes offer a complete package for a reasonable price — and you’ll get the satisfaction of clothing a child in need in the process.