Just one more little bad news for Denver Comic Con — it seems two of the dealers, Mindy and Zac Skellington Conley of Hall of Justice Comic Art Gallery, were unloading the car after the show and had the proceeds stolen. About $1000 in cash was removed from the unlocked car, leaving them freeting about things like paying the rent. “I just kind of want my stuff back so I can at least pay for my bills and things that I need. I don’t really want to file charges on anybody,” Conleytold the local TV station.

In local fashion, area cartoonist Drew Litton has urged community members to buy some artwork from the gallery to help make up the gap.

The moral of the story? Take the money out of the car FIRST. Even if it is Sunday night in a nice part of Denver.
[Photo via MIndy Conley.]


  1. Or hide it under your floormats or under the seats. Better yet, most of that petty cash should have been deposited in the bank at the end of the day.

    I had a crap load of cash and concert tickets stolen from my high school locker when I used to moonlight as a ticket scalper.

    The places where you think valuables will be the safest, turn out to be really not that safest.



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