Bundling is now as popular as it was in Colonial times—even if it meant something a bit different then. Anyway, nowadays it means putting together “bundles” of ebooks or videogames and letting you pay one price or even set your own price.*

The Devastator, the sly humorous anthology, has put together a StoryBundle that includes several comics and comics-like elements, including “Fantasy” a Devastator anthology which contains parodies of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy and more, with contributions from Tony Millionaire, Zach Weiner and a cover by Dan Hipp. On the other side of the flip book is a Dungeons and Dragons take­off, Wizards of C*ckblock Forest.

Other books available in the bundle, which foes for a suggested $20, include Zack Weinersmith’s Trial of the Clone choose-your-own-adventure game and KC Greens’ Anime Club. So NOW what would you pay for all of this?.

But hurry! Because this sat in my tabs for weeks while my computer wrestled with a memory problem, you have only 10 hours to bundle up!

* In the olden days “bundling” meant the practice of two folks of the opposite sex, usually youngish, “bundling up” in a blanket and “spending quality time together” which may have meant talking or courting or something Twitter would be outraged by. It’s actually the basis of the core metaphor in the graphic novel Blankets by Craig Thompson.