By Todd Allen

Order of the Stick isn’t the only crowdfunding comics project out there.  Let’s take a look at what’s out there right now:

A Goats panel

The most interesting project right now is probably the Goats revival. Goats was a humorous science fiction strip that spent the last few years in a long, epic dimension hopping saga.  The cartoonist, Jon Rosenberg, found that having a multi-year story arc wasn’t conducive to gaining new readers (and let’s be honest, story strips are a little harder to make money off of, in general).  He put Goats on the shelve and started Scenes From a Multiverse, where he gets away form long continuities by having each week’s strips take place in a different dimension.  That Kickstarter project quickly hit its initial goal of $12K to print the 4th volume of the Goats “Infinite Typewriters” cycle.  Following the lead of Order of the Stick, Rosenberg has added some goals and if he gets $40K pledged, he’ll go back and finish the 5th and final book in Goats series.  Yes, that’s right.  It’s become a Kickstarter to revive a discontinued series.  That project is sitting on a little under $26K with 19 days to go.

The big earner right now is Erfworld Year of the Dwagon.  They currently have a bit over $56K to turn the first book of the Erfworld webcomic into a motion comic.  Yes… this might be more of a movie/animation project than a comics project, but it’s in the comics category on the site.

The Diesel Sweeties eBook-Stravaganza 3000 has over $44K to go with 5 days left, massively over-funding the project to get the long-running webcomic reformated as DRM-free eBooks.  Cartoonist R Stevens will also be driving cross country to deliver a Pac-Man arcade game to Wil Wheaton.  (I couldn’t have made that up if I tried.)

The Only Living Boy is a new project from David Gallaher and Steve Ellis (whom you might remember from Zuda’s High Moon series and Comixology’s Box 13.  This just kicked off a couple days ago and the boys are looking for $11,500 for the project.

Joe Harris, the new co-writer on Fury of Firestorm is in the last 10 days of his quest to fund the first six issues of Great Pacific, a comic he’d like to do as an ongoing.  He’s currently at $2,283 with a $9,500 goal.

Also in the not-quite-comics category, it looks like Garth Ennis is going to be a children’s author.  The ERF children’s book has been funded to the tune of $15K with  15 days to go.  I could see a children’s publisher picking up a copy of The Boys and fainting dead away, so this may be an instance of an established author really needing crowdfunding to help him switch formats.


  1. People really ought to donate to Great Pacific. They have a great team and I want to read the comic. I already pledged though.

  2. Scott – I ran a successful campaign last year. Granted, I didn’t raise much in the face of these other campaigns, but I didn’t really know what I was doing – oh yeah, and I had a following of zero. So it can be done.

    Just be realistic about what you’re trying to raise. Do a decent video. Update regularly. Show off lots of good art.

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