Image Comics has announced The Walking Dead #191 is being sent back for a second printing. Written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn, the latest issue of the creator-owned series was released yesterday. The issue ended on a major cliffhanger that the publisher is calling “game-changing.”
If you’ve not yet read The Walking Dead #191 we won’t spoil it for you here. Here’s how the publisher describes the issue’s contents:

In this issue, alliances are broken and all the trouble that’s been brewing in the Commonwealth finally comes to a head.

The aforementioned cliffhanger will likely mean interest in the next issue of Image’s acclaimed zombie series will be pretty high as well.
The Walking Dead #191 is just the latest Image book to be sent back to print. The publisher has recently sent early issues of new titles like Die and Little Bird for new printings.
Check out the cover for the second printing for The Walking Dead #191 below. The issue is due in stores on May 29th, with an FOC date of next Monday, May 6th. The Walking Dead #192 hits on June 5th, with an FOC date of May 13th.
The Walking Dead #191 Second Printing

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