Skottie Young and Jorge Corona have a new comic called Middlewest coming out at Image in November, wherein a young man must navigate the hidden magic in between the coasts as he dodges a storm that knows his name.

Official PR follows:

Image Comics is pleased to announce an all-new fantasy adventure from Skottie Young (I HATE FAIRYLAND, Deadpool) and Jorge Corona (NO. 1 WITH A BULLET, Feathers, Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack)—titled MIDDLEWEST. It is set to launch this November.

“I’m putting so much of myself and my life into this book that sometimes I have to remind myself there’s not really a raging tornado monster chasing me,” said Young. “It’s like we took a Don Bluth movie, Miyazaki, the dark adventures of old Henson movies, and my childhood, then put them in a blender.”

The lands between the coasts are vast, slow to change, and full of hidden magics. Mistakes have been made, and in MIDDLEWEST, an unwitting adventurer searches for answers to quell a coming storm that knows his name. So begins the epic tale of Abel, a young boy who must navigate an old land in order to reconcile his family’s history.

Corona added: “Being part of this amazing team is a dream come true, and having Skottie’s trust to help him bring this world to life is really a privilege. I just can’t wait for everyone else to join us along with Abel as we travel through Middlewest.”

MIDDLEWEST #1 will hit stores on Wednesday, November 21st.


  1. I’m not really into fantasy much, widely as a genre, anymore, but this looks good; particularly if that cover art is any indication of interiors.

    You can’t go wrong with a classic and there is a little familiarity here with LeGuin’s Wizard of Earthsea, where Ged was trying to elude a dark shadow of himself that knew his true name (I think). Nothing is ever wholly new, and this book still sounds rich in its capacities and innovations (from LeGuin’s story, if you make that link).

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