Comixology has provided The Beat with an exclusive cover reveal and preview of The Stone King #4, the conclusion of the Comixology Originals series. The fantasy adventure miniseries is written by Kel McDonald (The City Between, Misfits of Avalon), with art by Tyler Crook (Harrow County).

The Stone King follows Ave, a young thief who unwittingly causes a city-wide rampage by the giant called The Stone King after she steals a gem from the creature. Only Ave knows how to stop the destruction, but first she’ll have to find the gem again.

Here’s how Comixology describes the finale of the series:

The Stone King’s gem is within Ave’s reach! But saving the city might cost her everything she’s ever known.

The preview features Ave, having located the trader to whom she sold the stone, fighting for her life after the guild of thieves to which she belongs believe she has betrayed them to the local authorities.

McDonald and Crook have created a tight, exciting adventure tale over the past three installments of The Stone King, with consistently energetic action sequences and strong character work for Ave and her reluctant companion, city guard Phul.

Check out the cover for the issue, as well as the first six pages, below. The Stone King #4 goes on sale, and will be available via Comixology Unlimited, this Wednesday, March 13th.