In a world where every other week seems to bring the premiere of a huge film or TV show based on a comic book property, there are always a few that fly delightfully under the radar, meaning you won’t be sick of them by the time you finally get to see them.

When last we looked in on Officer Downe, a film based on the Joe Casey/Chris Burnham comic, it was filming under the direction of Slipknot co-founder M. Shawn Crahan. Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates stars as the titular cop, an officer of the law so devoted to his job that he comes back from beyond the grave to keep fighting crime. Tyler Ross and Lauren Velez co-star.

While the movie was filmed last year, not a lot of news has come out about it since; however The Beat has just learned that it will be having its world premiere at the LA Film Festival, which runs from June 1-9 at the Arclight Theater. Officer Downe will screen as part of the “Nightfall” series which explores “From the bizarre to the horrifying, these are films to watch after dark.”

The film is partly produced by Man of Action, the collective that Casey’s a member of behind such hits as Ben 10, Generator Rex and several animated Marvel shows. As a comics writer, Casey keeps busy with Sex, his long-running, headline friendly book from Image. Valhalla Mad, a berserker fantasy drawn by Paul Maybury, recently finished up. 

I have no idea if Officer Downe will be a good movie or not, but for everyone who complains about the cookie cutter superhero movies we get month after month, this looks to be something a lot fresher and more unexpected.

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