Next week AfterShock Comics will release The Ocean Will Take Us #5. The final issue of the adventure horror series comes from writer Rich Douek, artist Carlos Olivares, colorist Manuel Puppo, and letterer Dave Sharpe. Today The Beat is pleased to present a preview of the issue, which finds Brian and his friends in way over their heads.

Here’s how AfterShock describes The Ocean Will Take Us #5:

As the launch of Triton Oceanic’s Wave Power Plant approaches, the gang finds themselves in a race against time to expose the cult, figure out the company’s involvement, defeat the bad guys and maybe, just maaaaybe save the world? Find out what happens in the action-packed finale of THE OCEAN WILL TAKE US! 

Back when the series was first announced, writer Rich Douek described how the book came to be published by AfterShock, and a few of his favorite titles from the publisher:

“I was familiar with Mike (Marts) as a great editor at DC and Marvel, so I was paying attention to AfterShock from the very first announcement, where he was named as editor-in-chief. I’ve been consistently impressed by the books they put out, and while it’s not easy to name a single favorite, I’ve really enjoyed BEYOND THE BREACH, SCOUT’S HONOR, HOT LUNCH SPECIAL and UNDONE BY BLOOD.”

Check out the preview of The Ocean Will Take Us #5 below. The final issue of the series is set to arrive in stores and digitally next Wednesday, August 31st.


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