Aquamarine is a small scale exploration game which takes players into the depths of a vast sea to explore. Point and click certainly isn’t anything new in games and neither is exploration, but something 100% hand drawn in the medium is still rare. Even more unicorn is to find a game inspired by the legendary French artist Moebius, so much, that the studio creating it would name themselves Moebial Studios.

Aquamarine is a tale which focuses on a lone space traveler marooned on an alien water world. You’ll need to chart the deepest part of these seas to recover the pieces of your crashed ship. Along the way, you’ll encounter fantastic creatures, some deadly, some incredibly fascinating to behold. As you explore you’ll uncover the hidden story of this planets wonders in an effort to escape with your life.

Along similar lines as last year’s smash hit hand-drawn game Cuphead, Aquamarine wears its influences on its sleeve and brings a uniqueness that can’t be matched by triple-A level games. That’s why this little studio is in the middle of a Kickstarter to help completion of the game. Check out the game’s campaign here and you can even try a demo of Aquamarine.