At a convention once something happened which haunted all who witnessed it. It was so powerful that a Tumblr had to be launched. It was calledSterankoing.

In case you are unaware, comics legend Jim Steranko is given to wearing oversized zoot suits and flashy cowboy boots. The man is still flashy; always will be.

This incident happened while Steranko was talking to David Spurlock and Adam Hughes. Afterward Spurlock took up whiskey and Hughes joined a convent. so shaken by the experience were they. Others who have witnessed it have started their own religions.

The effects of Sterankoing continue to be felt to this day.

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  1. My boyfriend and I were at the Charlotte Heroes Con, and we looked over and saw Steranko. My boyfriend said to me “Wow. He looks like a gay lounge singer in that outfit!” LOL

  2. FYI: I think Steranko is awesome. I can’t wait to read Tom Scioli’s essay on him and his work. The fact that the photograph above was taken at Heroes makes this thing even better. A great show, a great artist and a moment in time I wish I had witnessed.

  3. i’ve spoken to steranko over the years at many a show, the guy is an original that marches to the beat of his own drummer. an artist, musician, magician, and escape artist, along with being a snappy dresser (even at his age), this guy is fuckin’ cool and we all know it.

  4. I don’t think you know what a zoot suit is.

    Every time I’ve seen him, he’s sporting a turtleneck under a tailored double-breasted suit. He’s a dynamic cat. I hope I’m as fit when I reach his age.

  5. The guy looks about as un-boring as they come.

    Not only does he look cool but he actually has the work to back up looking however he choses to look , on any day he choses to look it.

    Maybe it’s some of the people around him ?

  6. Steranko is cooler than most guys half his age. The fact that he dresses up for every con he goes tells me he’s a pro’s pro. A lotta people could take a lesson from him.

  7. Come on, get it together. Obviously the word is “Steranking.” Now you can replace “skanking” in all your favorite songs!

  8. World would be so much a better place if Sterankoing were to become a craze. Speaking etymologically, the verb “to Steranko” is unnecessary since no one can Steranko except Steranko. The only reasonable application of the word, as far as I can imagine, might go something like this: “Dude, if you are trying to Steranko, you should try much harder.”

  9. Has anyone seen Steranko and Barry Weiss in the same room yet? I am now convinced they’re the same person.

  10. I always believed that the “dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign was stolen from Steranko.

    C’mon, even mosquitos are afraid to bite him.



  11. @Travis,

    You’re so right about that. I met him at the San Diego Comic-Con and had great fun chatting with him.

  12. First off, Sterankoing has nothing to do with dress (though it sure helps the swag) and its not about making fun. It’s about celebrating a man who can make something so seemingly unnatural look so natural and cool. It’s about confidence. It’s about owning it. Everything Jim Steranko does is 100% Steranko. It is amazing. Meeting him and hearing stories of others meeting him is one of the most incredible memories I have of HeroesCon. HeroesCon 2013 top 5? Jim Steranko stories is #1. Every time I see someone Sterankoing I get to relive one of the most fun weekends of my life. See also, Sterankoed.

  13. No disrespect intended. The man is a honest to god living legend, and the times I’ve been around him, he’s got a healthy sense of humor. It honors the man who’s been a trendsetter in the fields of magic, design, and storytelling. I think he’d get a kick out of it.

  14. Steranko is a pimp.

    TRANSLATION: Jim Steranko is a legend and has earned a positive reputation through groundbreaking storytelling and creativity.

  15. I thought “Sterankoing” was when you did a comic page(s)/cover with wavy panel borders; some a single spot color (blue and red) and one panel full of black and white warped checkerboard pattern? Or sheer awesomeness?


  16. Steranko is the illest muthafucka alive. Period. His whole life is just fascinating. He’s without question one of the best artists ever.

  17. There’s a rumor that Dos Equis beer wanted Steranko for their beer commercials but couldn’t afford him, so they made up The Most Interesting Man Alive instead.

    Steranko is one of the coolest guys ever. I’m half his age, and I wish I had that much flexibility.

  18. To say Steranko looks like your Grandma or a lounge singer,tells me you don’t know the man. I had the amazing experience of being in Jim’s booth for 7 hours at Wondercon this year. Jim dresses Professionally, sorry no t-shirts. Jim is a pros pro.He is articlate, smart, hip, a gentleman,but most off all generous to a fault.He signed auyographs all day long,every signature was done nicely.No scribbles,every one clean and sharp. About 35-40 PROFESSIONAL atrists came by to tell Jim that he was an inspiration in their career. Hundreds of fans came up to Jim and told him that he was one of their favorite artists of all time. Jim shook hands,talked with all of them,intereated in what they were saying and having a conversation with them all.Lastly when a child came up to Jim,he cared about waht they said,he asked them questions,and really talked to the kids,genuinely interested in what they had to say. Also the Artwork that he is doing now is STILL groundbreaking and still amazing.

  19. K, wait…I’m confused :I is “sterankoing” the act of wearing flashy & eye-catching outfits or the act of putting your foot up to lean on something? ‘Cause the article itself and all the comments afterwards all seem to think it’s about wearing flashy clothes but the actual tumblr link (which is clumsily buried among the shabby written article) shows people in the foot-up pose :S

    Tbh, the article as written does *not a thing* to be clear or indicative of exactly what-tha-fuck they’re talking about, and actually makes it sound like they’re just about ready setting up the point of their article and get to the subject when it *ENDS ABRUPTLY AND WITH NO EXPLANATION GIVEN*.

    “Something happened which haunted all who witnessed it…
    The effects continue to be felt to this day.”

    Ummm…kaaaaay? But what exactly happened? You said *something* happened, but never actually said what happened, not in your article, anyways…the only thing you said was “something happened” and that Jim Steranko likes to wear flashy clothes :S

    Watevs :/

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