The new ongoing series Indigo Children will be coming out from Image Comics on March 29th, 2023 – but somehow, copies of the first issue have made their way into people’s hands early.

Curt Pires communication for Indigo Children

The series, which is built on the crossroads between Radiant Black and The Department of Truth, follows journalist Donovan Price as he hunts down the extraordinarily gifted Indigo Children after their mysterious disappearances fifteen years prior. Real life mirroring the plot of the book, an unknown entity calling themselves @INDIGOCHILD694 has sent a communication to influential retailers in the direct market, that features a black and white reproduction of the first issue, urging them to share the news about the Indigo Children.

Communications with Curt Pires regarding the Indigo Children
Messages with writer Curt Pires

The creative team has disavowed all knowledge of how these copies made their way out into the wild. Meanwhile, @INDIGOCHILD694 says they have a limited amount of this sensitive information still available for anyone who helps spread the word of the Indigo Children.

Copies of this release are assumed to be extremely limited due to the mysterious way they were produced, so copies will only be sent out to folks who are diligently helping others discover the Indigo Children. @INDIGOCHILD694 has resources available to do so on his account, with the instructions to tag anything shared with #WHOARETHEINDIGOCHILDREN so people can more easily find the message. 

Indigo Children comes from the critically-acclaimed team behind the smash-hit series Youth – Curt Pires, Alex Diotto and Dee Cunniffe – with up-and-comer Rockwell White (Wyrd). Final orders are due from retailers on Monday, March 6th, 2023, with the book hitting stands on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023.


  1. Thanks to Millar and Bad Idea, most comic people I know view guerilla marketing with contempt and disdain.

  2. Serious question: were you paid to write and publish this article?

    I ask because newspapers and magazines and such are supposed to identify work that may look like an article but is really a paid advertisement. The Beat is not some crappy website. Publishing an article like this makes me think that you’re getting paid to do it. I mean I might dislike articles in the past where I disagree with Heidi (or whatever writer) and their POV on a topic but I knew I was getting a person’s honest response to something. This breathless OMG this is out in the world! The creators don’t know where it came from! Follow them! use the hashtag! It’s so rare so be on the lookout for it! This is an ad. And that’s fine. You have bills to pay. But label it an ad.

    I truly expect better from The Beat than this.

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